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Wired Sculpture Studios

Beet + Carrot Wire Wall Art

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Originally designed by me for the Epicurean Hotel in Atlanta, I am now making these designs available to the general public. Mounted 1.5 inches off the wall, this wire sculpture casts gorgeous shadows and is a beautiful addition to any space - but especially kitchens.

Each piece is handmade by me, so expect some variation - but that's why you buy from an artist, not wholesale from a manufacturer. The little differences that make each piece unique are an asset.

My wire sculptures are best placed somewhere with a plain background and direct light - this will create the best shadows. The dark annealed steel has been treated with an acrylic coating and is safe to place in any environment.

Mounting via two screw points, or direct into wall.

7"W x 10"H x 1.5"D

Duncan Sherwood-Forbes